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Transportation Repair
924 W 400 N
Logan, UT 84321
41.737875 -111.857800
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  Kathleen 06/29/2017
We have been taking our vehicles to TRI for over 20 years and have been extremely satisfied with the service received. Furthermore, we have complete trust in them and the repairs made. If it's not right, they will make it right!
  Rick 05/25/2017
The best most reliable place to get your vehicle fixed!
  George 04/14/2017
Your prices are fair, and work is done when you say it will be done. Quality of work, courtesy, skill of your technicians - all are excellent! No place else I'd rather go for mechanical or electrical repairs on my vehicles. HIGHLY recommended! George Wilson
  Cole 03/30/2017
Great work and clean. Fast turn around on an electrical issue.
  Malena 03/24/2017
Been here a few times now. My first time was to have the electrical checked. My truck had blown 2 cylonoids in 2 months. I asked another place I trust, Alta Brakes and Muffllers and they said " Transportaion Repair is the best around for electrical. Nothing was found to cause the soloids to blow. My next visit was to see why my wipers only work on high. Another place told me there were shorts in the motor and switch and quoted close to $300 to repair it. TR bypassed one part and got the wipers working on high and low, it will be more to get intermittent working and the wipers to stop all the way down when I turn it off. I can get them down now it just takes a little timing on my part. With what I have already paid and what I expect to pay later, it is still less then the other place quoted. The last repair I went in for was the drivers side window. Both driver and passenger windows required two people to get them up. After looking online and talking to a few place I thought it was the regulator in each. TP quoted me the best price $314 for the driver side. I had decided to do just the driver's side. As it turned out there are these little balls (like ball barrings) that were broke. The mechanic had some in his tool box and only charged for labor. Since it was a lot less then expected I had the check the other window. It was the same problem so I had it fixed too. All told both windows were $174 and change.
  Mark 03/23/2017
A big 5. All of you are the greatest. I always recommend you and your services to everyone I can.
  Kathleen 03/16/2017
I can trust the work done at TRI and know that my vehicle will be the best it can be after repairs. I have gone to TRI for over 20 years and am never disappointed with their service. Thanks TRI!
  Amy 02/09/2017
Friendly, quick and honest service! Have gone to Transportation Repair for years and will probably go forever. Would recommend them to anyone.
  Nancy 01/22/2017
  Don 11/10/2016
Excellent service at a reasonable price.
  Paul 08/25/2016
  George 08/25/2016
Best, most professional, yet reasonable I've found in these parts. Keep it up!
  Don 08/11/2016
  Mark 07/21/2016
Best repair shop ever! Great people fun to be around and honest.
  Nancy 06/29/2016
  Scott 06/24/2016
Having any vehicle issues is frustrating for sure. However, Transportation Repair was great to work with! Their staff got me back on the road quickly with top quality work. If I have other vehicle issues I will definitely go back to Tramsportation Repair.
  Don 06/23/2016
  George 06/02/2016
  Tom 06/02/2016
Good customer service. Fixed my car relatively quickly
  Ben 05/26/2016
This is the most knowledgeable and trustworthy shop I have ever taken a vehicle. They not only identify what needs repaired, but they will give recommendations as to the urgency of the repair. This is the only mechanic that has suggested a repair would be considered minor or not yet urgent and I have felt like I was begging for the repairs to be done now instead of waiting until next time. The work is also exceptional quality and done promptly.
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